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Fast-track programmes represent a multi-modal rehabilitation strategy for the purpose of a quicker recovery of organ function after surgery. The concept is based on evidence based initiatives within sub-sections of the peroperative period in an organisational structure where a number of conditions, such as demands of increased interdisciplinary cooperation, are fulfilled.


The object of fast-track programmes is to give the patients a physiology based and optimised hospital stay with reduced morbidity and postoperative convalescence.


Through the resent years our orthopaedic research group has worked at optimising all sub-sections within the fast-track programme for patients undergoing total hip and knee arthroplasty.

Based on two large randomized trials, Aarhus as the first in Denmark has introduced an optimised method of postoperative pain relief consisting of local infiltration analgesia.
At this point several large randomised clinical trials with focus on further optimising of postoperative analgesia as well as different mobilisation initiatives is going on.
Contact Karen V. Andersen for further information.

Hip displacements and correctable scoliosis were prevalent in children with cerebral palsy registered in a Danish follow-up programme from 2010 to 2020.
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